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I specialise in all aspects of design, illustration and CGI imagery for contract publishing, education, information design, graphic design, editorial, marketing and science and technology. Whatever your requirements or budget, my aim is to provide you with a creative and cost-effective solution that delivers results fast.

• Graphic design • Digital illustration • Photorealistic CGI • Photo manipulation • Compositing 
• Information graphics • Map design • Motion graphics • Web design
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What the Clients Say

“In the twenty plus years I’ve known and worked with Paul, he’s been the most consistently outstanding ‘can-do’ colleague imaginable. I recall that the founders of Adobe were stunned to see what he was doing with their software back in the 80s. Since then he’s just got better and better. He is a brilliantly organised communicator, and has, additionally, the enviable record of never having missed a deadline. He’s the best.”

Alan Sekers Director of Multimedia Studies, University of the Arts, London

“When it comes to graphics Paul is the real deal. Under time, under budget and genuine customer joy. Always just that bit better than we thought could be achieved, always understood the brief better than we did, always just that little bit classier than we really were. He is a genuine business advantage. You’d better hope your competitors don’t get him first.”

Gary Pearce Managing Director, Steam Radio

“Paul has excellent design sense and takes the time to understand what people want. His work has always been quick and of superb quality, and he’s a very easy person to deal with. He’s the first person I think of when I need some graphic design work done.”

Paul Davison Managing Director, Juniper Networks

“Pretty bloody jaw droppingly stunning! Everytime I commission you I’m reminded of how damn good you are! Really insanely beautiful illo this one mate!.”

Steve Marsh Art Editor, BBC Sky at Night

“Excellent…excellent… excellent… Well done mate, go have a cup of tea.”

Ian Wilson Art Director, Mash Media


“This is really beautiful, really really good! I love that sort of ‘bump’ mapping on the granulation. That’s all. I’m really really pleased with this. Great job.”

Steve Marsh Art Editor, BBC Sky at Night